5 Stealthy Energy Hogs in Your Home

Save energy and money with these easy tips.

ceiling fanWarren Buffet’s rule to investing is pretty simple – “Never Lose Money."

That’s probably why he’s living such a frugal lifestyle. But losing money isn't restricted to the business world – it’s also a common occurrence in our day-to-day lives.

There are so many electrical appliances that consume a lot of energy in our homes.

The result?

A hefty energy bill that slaps us on the face at the end of every month.

Fortunately, we’ve done our investigations and found the culprits!

What Uses the Most Energy in Your Home?

1. Fully Charged Devices

Many people have the habit of leaving their phones or laptops on the charger even after it’s fully charged. If you do this, you are just wasting power.

Since your battery is 100%, your device is consuming energy that’s going to no particular use. Ensure you keep tabs on your charging habits and try to conserve the energy on your devices.

2. Air Conditioning

Your AC system typically runs all day and night, and this accounts for a big chunk of your home’s energy use.

Even though the amount of energy used will depend on the type of unit and its capacity, you can take some steps to improve the efficiency of your AC. You can:

  • Have professional AC/HVAC contractors in Florence like Walkup Electrical inspect your HVAC unit regularly.
  • Close the vents of the rooms you rarely use.
  • Insulate the cooling system.
  • Upgrade the thermostat to a more efficient model.

3. Ceiling Fans

There’s a misconception that running ceiling fans use little energy. This causes many homeowners to leave their fans running around the clock. This is totally wrong!

Ceiling fans are hefty energy consumers (especially older models).

To save money, make sure you turn off the fans when you aren’t using them or when leaving the house, and turn it on only when you need to.

4. Refrigerators

Your refrigerator works 24/7, making it one of the top energy-consuming appliances in your homes. 

The amount of energy they consume will depend on the model, age, temperature setting, and your refrigeration habits. 

Regardless of all these factors, you can reduce the energy consumption of your refrigerator by:

  • Switching it to energy saving mode.
  • Defrosting regularly.
  • Closing it properly.

5. Water Heaters

We use our water heaters for so many activities including cleaning clothes, washing dishes, and showering. It is an essential part of our day-to-day home routine. It’s also a culprit when it comes to consuming energy.

But you can regulate its consumption by:

  • Taking shorter showers and turning off the water heating feature on the dishwasher when it’s not needed.
  • Installing a drain-water recovery system.
  • Having it cleaned after few months to remove sediment buildup which lowers its efficiency.
  • Insulating the storage tank to improve its efficiency.

For Energy Efficiency in Your Home, Call Professional Electricians in Florence

Malfunctioning electrical appliances are one of the leading causes of high electrical bills. For top-notch electrical and AC/heating repair in Florence, do not hesitate to call Walkup Electrical.

We are a skilled and highly-trained team of professional electricians in Florence, SC who are dedicated to ensuring that your electrical and HVAC systems work efficiently, saving you money. Contact us today at 843-292-0008!