Is It Time to Replace Your Home’s Wiring?

Learn more about the risks of dated electrical wiring in your home and why now might be the time to replace it.

As with most man-made products, your home’s electrical wiring can degrade over time, making it less effective in delivering power throughout your home, as well as posing a significant fire risk. If your home is 50 years old or older and has never had the electrical wiring replaced, it may be time to have an electrician inspect your wiring to determine if it’s still up to the task, or if it’s time to upgrade. While replacing wiring isn’t a simple fix, it is essential for protecting your home, as well as your safety.

Challenges of Outdated Wiring

In addition to wear over time, older wiring may not be able to handle the typical power needs of a modern home. On average, homes today need about 220 amps to accommodate people’s power usage. Aged wiring can prevent the use of large appliances like your refrigerator, dishwasher, and oven on one circuit.

Signs Your Home May Need New Wiring

Here are some common indicators that your home may need to have its wiring updated:

  • Frequent circuit breaker trips
  • Electrical outlets give off heat
  • You receive small shocks from appliances
  • Your home’s lights flicker
  • There is an odor of smoke or burnt plastic

If you experience any of these situations, contact Walkup Electricians to do an audit of your home’s electrical system.

A Good Time for an Inspection

Also, if you are already planning to remodel your home, this would be a perfect time to have your wiring assessed while it is exposed. Most of the cost for rewiring a home comes from the labor to expose wiring and repair walls.

Additional Benefits of Rewiring

This is also a good time to replace electrical outlets and add them to convenient places throughout your home. You can install new outlets with updated features designed for child safety or with USB ports.

For an inspection of your home’s wiring, contact Walkup Electrical today to schedule your audit. Depend on our trained technicians to perform a thorough evaluation of your home’s electrical and to provide you with the best recommendation to keep your family and home safe.