Troubleshooting Flickering Lights

Wondering why the lights in your home are flickering? Here are some of the most common issues (and solutions) involving flickering lights.

A common electrical problem that homeowners address are flickering lights. Often, it is a simple problem with the lightbulb, only requiring an adjustment, or at worst, a replacement. Other times however, the issue may be far more complicated, requiring the expertise of a licensed electrician. Here are a few explanations for flickering lights, as well as tips to resolve the issue.

Single Flickering Light: If only one light in your home is flickering, it is most likely isolated to the lightbulb. Check to see if the lightbulb is screwed in correctly because if the bulb’s connection with the socket is impaired, then the bulb will not work as intended. If the bulb continues to flicker after you have tightened it, try completely unscrewing, then screwing the bulb back in. If the light continues to flicker, replace the bulb.

If the light continues to flicker after installing a new bulb, try plugging the light into a different outlet. If the light continues to flicker, than there may be a problem with the light fixture. If the light stops flickering, then there could be an issue with the outlet, which should be addressed by a certified electrician.

Multiple Lights Flicker: Bad weather can certainly cause multiple lights in your home to flicker, however, if this occurs frequently, there could be an inconsistency in your home’s voltage. Record when the flickering occurs, and contact the electricians at Wallkup Electrical to come and do an inspection before any potential damage to your home’s electrical system occurs.

Bulb Flickers and Lights Up: This is common for certain types of lightbulbs like florescent bulbs and energy saving bulbs. As long as the bulb reaches full illumination shortly after turning on, you shouldn’t have any cause for concern.

If you are experiencing problems with your lights, or any other part of your home’s electrical system, contact the professionals at Walkup Electrical today to set up an appointment. We won’t leaving you sitting in the dark.