Tips for Summer Energy Savings

Check out our top tips for reducing your electric bill this summer!

With the dog days of summer just around the corner, one can anticipate energy costs rising with the temperatures as you work to keep your living spaces cool. However, by practicing these energy saving tips, you can cut costs while staying comfortable and prevent your bank account from melting away.

Advantages with Advanced Power Strips

While the average power strip can provide multiple outlets for devices, as well as power surge protection on certain models, advanced power strips come with a variety of features to make your devices more energy efficient. Some power strip types to consider include:

  • Timer Power Strips – can be programed so that the strip turns off at a preset time
  • Activity Detection Power Strips – turn off power if no movement is detected in the room
  • Remote Control Power Strips – can be turned off with a remote control or switch
  • Master Control Power Strips – disconnects power when the master device (e.g. television, stereo) is turned off
  • Masterless Power Strips – powers off once all the attached devices are turned off.

Eliminating Energy Vampires

Some devices act as energy vampires, using energy when they are in standby mode, or even turned off. By disconnecting the power to these devices and appliances when they are not in use, you could save as much as $200 over a year. Common energy vampires include laptops, desktop computers, and video game systems.

Believe in the Blinds

While blinds add a decorative touch to any room, they are also effective in conserving energy and reducing costs. Shades block sunlight, which helps to keep living spaces cool. Keep blinds closed in rooms when they are not in use.

Television Troubles

The family television is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to consuming energy. Plasma televisions especially have a reputation for using large amounts of power. When purchasing your next television, consider an LCD model, and remember to switch the settings to energy saving mode.

Also, be sure to turn off connected devices, such as Blu-ray players, speakers, Roku, Apple TV, and others when not using the television as they can waste a lot of energy, and your money.

The Right Lightbulbs

As we discussed in our previous post about lightbulbs, certain bulbs provide greater energy efficiency than others. By investing in LED light bulbs for your fixtures, you can reduce the energy used to light your home by as much as 80%.

Efficiency with Energy Star Appliances

When shopping for new appliances for your home, look for the energy star logo as these appliances generally use 25% less energy than standard models.

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