Does My Home Need an Electrical Inspection?

While many people only think to call an electrician when an obvious problem presents itself, the reality is that regular home electrical inspections can address issues you may not be able to see.

Does My Home Need an Electrical Inspection?

In fact, unseen electrical issues can cause a plethora of problems in your home, including:

  • Loss of power
  • Fires
  • Low energy efficiency leading to higher power bills
  • Electrocution

Scheduling a home electrical inspection will allow a certified electrician to inspect all facets of your home’s electrical system and wiring including appliances, fuses, outlets, and circuit breakers.

The following are considered warning signs of electrical issues and should be addressed as soon as possible:

  • Appliances emit a burning smell
  • Overly warm electrical outlets or outlets that spark
  • Fuses constantly blowing
  • Lights flickering

There are several additional instances in which you should strongly consider having your home inspected:

  • Installing any new electrical features including outdoor lighting, pools (or hot-tubs), and kitchen remodeling projects
  • Purchasing/installing of a new home thermostat or HVAC unit
  • Installing a home security system

You should also strongly consider an home electrical inspection if your home is over 30 years old and hasn’t been recently inspected.

If you’d like to request an inspection for your home, please fill out our Service Request form to let us know. Please feel free to contact us with any specific questions you may have regarding residential/commercial electrical issues.