Commonly Overlooked Air Conditioning Issues

Learn more about some of the most common causes for your air conditioner's under performance.

Commonly Overlooked Air Conditioning Issues

Summer is here and soon enough, people will be cranking up air conditioning systems to make their residential or business premises cooler. To enjoy some level of comfort, it goes without saying that you need to have a well-functioning air conditioning system.

Since the HVAC unit is a large system, you need to look out for all the potential problems that are likely to arise. Some of them may require the assistance of a professional technician to fix them, others may be simple enough to handle on your own as long as you know what and where to look.

Here are commonly overlooked air conditioning issues:

Vegetation & Debris Crowding the Unit

Vegetation and branches growing around your HVAC unit that can hinder the flow of air and make the system less efficient. Rake back debris and leaves outside the condenser in ensure adequate airflow. In addition, you need to cut back vegetation and branches at least 2 feet away in all directions to allow the unhindered flow of air around the system.

Condenser Coil Problems

The condenser is responsible for discharging accumulated heat outside of the building. It has a coil that comprises part of the outdoor unit. This means that the condenser coil is exposed to soot, dirt and many other pollutants that pile up making it grimy. When these coils get dirty, the condenser is unable to transfer and discharge heat and it makes the unit less efficient as well as accelerates wear and tear of the HVAC system.  Keep coils clean to improve the operation of your HVAC unit and extend the life of your equipment.

Plugged Evaporator Drain

Normally, warm, humid air from your home's interior is blown through the evaporator coil. The coil takes in the heat from the air, cools it and circulates the air back into the house. Meanwhile, the humidity in the air condenses on the cool surface of the evaporator coil as water and drips into a pan below. From the pan, the water is drained via a tube which is routed into the basement floor drain or outdoors.

Over time, mold and algae are likely to accumulate and plug the drain which means that the flow of water is slowed down or stopped completely. A plugged drain can cause flooding, damaging floors and impairing to the operation of your unit.  

If you have a plugged drain, you need to follow it to where it drains and use a dry or wet vacuum to clear the drain.


The compressor is the main component of the heating and cooling system. It is responsible for cooling or heating up the air in your residence. When the refrigerant is low, the compressor is likely to malfunction. On the other hand, if the compressor is overcharged by the refrigerant, the compound can start leaking.

To avoid these problems, you should inspect the compressor regularly to make sure that the unit has the right amount of refrigerant. Since compressor problems can be complex, you should consider contacting Walkup Electrical  for professional HVAC repair and maintenance services.