Cold Weather Power Outages

Learn how cold weather alone can cause power outages in the home.

Cold Weather Power Outages

In the cold, winter weather, we are reliant on the wonders of modern technology to keep us warm. Some prefer the warmth of a fireplace instead, and will come home to a warm fire, but most of us will be reliant on modern means to keep ourselves warm and cozy this winter. However, our sole reliance on the trappings of modern devices, like storage heaters and heat pumps, to keep ourselves warm can make us vulnerable. In fact, the winter weather can actually plunge our homes into cold and darkness by causing power outages.

Cold Weather Can Cause Power Outages Even Without Snow!

When we think of power outages in the winter, our thoughts tend to turn to heavy banks of snow weighing down and severing the power lines and their accompanying infrastructures. However, the truth is that even without snow flurries, the cold can cause power outages. There are a variety of ways in which cold weather alone can wreak havoc with electrical systems

Much of Our Electrical Infrastructure Is Old.

None of us are as young as we used to be, and as we get older, it becomes harder and harder to do the things that we could manage with absolute ease when we were in our youth. The same is true of your local power infrastructure. Not all metropolitan boroughs invest equally in their power infrastructure, especially since it’s so costly and disruptive to update and upgrade. As such, much of the power system equipment that we rely on has already lived well beyond its intended lifespan. In fair conditions, this really isn’t much of a problem, but extreme weather conditions can prevent the electrical systems from working as well.

What Causes Power Failures in Cold Weather?

Cold weather can cause power failures in a number of ways. Cold weather makes power lines stiffer and less pliable, resulting in power lines that are more vulnerable to external elements. When strong winds enter the equation, who needs snow to compromise local power lines?

Birds and animals can also inadvertently cause colossal damage to a home’s power infrastructure. A warm transformer can seem like an inviting home to an unknowing creature, but when they try to enter, they can cause great damage to a power grid and unfortunately themselves.

Lastly, intense cold can cause us to rely heavily on heaters that use a great deal of energy, making your home more susceptible to a power overload.

How Walkup Electrical Construction Can Help You and Your Home.

Engulfed in coldness and darkness, it can be extremely distressing when the weather causes power outages in your area. Fortunately, Walkup Electrical Construction is here to help. We can help you get your power back up and running again, as well as advise you on ways to insulate your home from the adverse effects of the cold.

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