5 Vacation Tips for Your HVAC System

Finally taking a well-deserved vacation? Check out our five HVAC tips to save both energy and money while you're gone!

The time has finally arrived for you and your family to take that well deserved vacation you have all be waiting for. However, before you load up the car and head out, it is important to make sure that your home, particularly your HVAC unit is as ready for your vacation as you are. Here are some tips to keep in mind to protect your HVAC system while you are away on vacation.

Turn Up Your Thermostat – Remember to raise your thermostat to a higher setting to avoid running the air conditioning while you are gone. Rather than waste energy and money, set your thermostat to between 80 – 85 degrees Fahrenheit while you are out of town. Programmable, or smart thermostats can be set to your preferred temperature for the date of your return so that your home is comfortable when you arrive.

Prevent Power Surges – Determine if your HVAC unit has a surge protector, and if not, install one. A loss of power or power surge while you are on vacation could harm your system, resulting in costly repairs or replacement.

Change Your Filter – Regularly changing your air filter is essential for basic maintenance of your HVAC system. To ensure that your unit is at its most efficient during your absence, change the air filter before you leave to help prevent breakdowns while you are gone.

Secure Your System – While we do not typically think of HVAC units as a target for theft, people may try to take advantage of your extended absence and steal your unit. By adding motion sensor lights, an alarm, and fencing around your unit, you can greatly decrease the likelihood of theft.

Practice General Maintenance – Contact the HVAC professional contractors at Walkup Electrical to service your system before a trip. They can insure that the coils are cleaned, that you have adequate levels of refrigerant, and that the unit is operating properly. If there are any problems, the technician can detect and address them ahead of your vacation.

For all your HVAC installation, servicing, and repair needs, contact the professionals at Walkup Electrical in Florence, SC. Walkup provides quality service you can depend on.