5 Tips for Preventing Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are a far too common occurrence in homes. Here are five tips to avoid a fire in your home.

Unsafe electrical practices and faulty/dated equipment can cause electrical fires, resulting in property damage, injury, and death. Through electrical safety and regular maintenance, you can prevent costly and dangerous electrical fires. Here are five tips to safeguard your family and home against electrical fires.

Replace Aged Outlets and Appliances

One of the primary causes of electrical fires are old, faulty electrical outlets and appliances. Never use equipment with frayed power cords, or run cords under rugs. Schedule a professional to inspect, service, or replace appliances and outlets that are dated, and at risk.

The costs associated with inspections, maintenance, and appliance replacement are preferable to the potential losses associated with electrical fires.

Check Your Light Fixtures

As we discussed in our previous article on lightbulbs, it is important to use bulbs with the correct wattage for the light fixture. Using bulbs with wattage higher than the fixture is approved for can result in a fire. Also, paper and fabrics should not come in contact with hot bulbs, as they can catch fire.

Avoid Long-term Extension Cord Use

Extension cords are not intended to be a permanent solution for powering appliances and devices. Plug your electrical devices directly into outlets, or use power strips. Consider installing additional outlets if this a consistent problem in your home.

Give Space Heaters Space

Space heaters should be placed away from anything combustible, such as furniture or curtains. If the heat coils become too hot, they can ignite papers and fabrics, starting a fire.

Inspect Your Wiring

If your home was built more than 20 years ago, contact an electrician to inspect your wiring and breakers. Your wiring may not be able to properly power modern devices such as large flat screen televisions and computers, putting you at risk for a fire.

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